Buy Shoes On Wednesday And Tweet At 4:00


Chapter 1/Getting It


Which is the best month to buy a high-definition TV?

December is a great month to buy a lot of things, TVs included. But during years when TVs don’t sell well in December, look for excellent post-holiday sales, which stretch into the first half of January. Sales leading up to the Super Bowl in early February usually are not very super, despite common assumptions. Think about it: Why would retailers offer great deals when the demand is high? Do you see great prices on jewelry right before Valentine’s Day? Any “Super Bowl TV Sales” you see in late January and early February typically come after retailers jack up the regular prices. 

Second opinion:

Sales for older model HDTVs can be very good in March and April.

When is the best day of the week to buy things online?

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Chapter 2/Getting Rid Of It


When is the best time to sell something at a live auction?

Toward the beginning. People tend to bid more at the beginning of an auction. They’re excited, and their adrenalin is flowing, and they probably haven’t bought anything yet so they have more money, and they feel richer. What’s more, the largest attendance at an auction is at the beginning. As the auction progresses, more people leave, reducing the number of bidders and the chances for a bidding war, which sellers want. So if you’re selling items at a live auction, you want your things sold early on.

Which is the best day of week to post on Craigslist?

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Chapter 3/Getting Things Done


When is the best time of day to start a daily ritual that will become a habit?

In the morning. Whether it’s exercising, reading the Bible or writing the next great American novel, whatever activity you want to become a habit make sure you do it first thing in the morning, before you do anything else, before other things take priority. Behavioral psychologists say this is the best way to start good habits. In the beginning, tell yourself it’s something you must do. Before long, as you see positive results, it will be something you’ll want to do before you do anything else.

When is the best day of the week to go to the post office?

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Chapter 4/Getting Around


When is the best time of the week to take your car in for a repair?

Monday mornings. Many  people feel pressure to arrive at work on time on Mondays, so this is the day they’re least likely to drop off their cars before work and risk being late. That makes it a bit slow and good time to drop off your car if you can.

A second opinion:

Some car repair owners say they are slow on Thursdays, making that another good day. The slowness on Monday mornings and Thursdays causes some managers to give customers discounts to get work in the door, but customers have to ask for them.

What you can do:

Find out when your local repair shops are slow. These often are days when customers are in the driver’s seat and can negotiate discounts for themselves.

Did you know:

Americans spend an average of $5,477 a year on transportation, which includes everything from gasoline and car repairs to bus fare, airfare and insurance.

When is the best time of day to take your vehicle to a car wash?

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Chapter 5/Getting Pretty

When is the best day of the week to get your hair done?

Tuesday. It’s often the slowest day of the week at hair salons and barber shops so you can get in and out quickly, and barbers and hair stylists don’t feel rushed and make fewer mistakes.

The worst day?

Saturday. It’s always the busiest day of the week, a day when many stylists say they feel the most pressure and stress. If a salon is open on Sunday, it usually is busy, and so is Monday, when hair salons say lots of seniors get their hair done as part of their “errand day.”

When is the best time to shave your legs?

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